Game Development, Audio Tools and Engines, Business and Life in Japan

Game Development, Audio Tools and Engines, Business and Life in Japan


Hello everybody! I finally put my old web site to rest. It dated from 2002!

old web site

I will put some of the tools back online if there is any interest at all. But from now on, I will post here about game development, creative tools and engines, as well as life and business in Japan. For shorter but more regular updates on all these topics, you call also follow me on twitter: @nicolasfournel



16 Comments to Welcome

  1. Remington Chan says:

    There is interest! Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Aldo says:

    An reupp of Audiopaint would be awesome!

  3. Susi-susi says:

    Blip sequencer is something that i need badly, is it possible to get link for download.

    • Nico says:

      Hi there, a link has been sent to the email address you commented with. Please keep in mind that this is a 8-year old program, which is an eternity for technology! I can’t guarantee that anything will work on your machine…

  4. SliceThePi says:

    I’ve been referenced here from multiple sites for WMIDI- would a link for that be possible as well?

    • Nico says:

      Hello, I sent a link to WMIDI to your email address.

      • SliceThePi says:

        Thanks! Unfortunately, this doesn’t work (it wants MFC71.dll, which I don’t have). Could I get a copy of the source code, or perhaps could you put it on GitHub? I’ve looked all over for something that does this, and at least half the answer/tutorial sites recommending software recommended yours. I would like to give updating/open-sourcing it a try (or if you don’t want it to be open-source, I’ll give you back the source code rather than putting it on GitHub.) Could you direct me towards those Wacom libraries if you don’t like giving source to strangers? I totally understand wanting to keep your source code private :)

        • Nico says:

          Actually MFC71 is a Microsoft library. You can get it (and probably other MFC libraries that WMidi will ask for) by downloading one of Microsoft’s redistributable packages.
          Concerning the source code, no problem sending it, however I’m not sure I still have it here somewhere, I will have to check.

          • SliceThePi says:

            I was going through my downloads and remembered WMidi. Were you able to find the source code? I haven’t had any luck finding the MFC71 (seems like Visual Studio .NET 2003, which contained it, has been retired or something along those lines.)

          • Nico says:

            Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I found a bunch of old projects but no WMIDI source code. That being said, in the meantime I decided to write a new, modern, version of WMIDI. It will work with all tablets this time, not only Wacom tablets. So please check that space again!

      • Matt says:


        Any chance I could get a link for wmidi please, thank :)

        All the best

        • Nico says:

          Hi Matt, I sent you a link. However you will need WinTab and the old Microsoft MFC 7 libs for it to work.
          I’m thinking about maybe making a more modern version that does not require all that old stuff.

  5. Ben says:

    Yes I have a lot of interest too for your “old” works (included any new versions) or beta/test stuff for which there were no links on the old site (how was it called? microsound?)

    • Nico says:

      Hi Ben,
      Unfortunately, I have no idea where the sources / executable of Microsound are. And that one is pretty old, it was started on Win 3.1 I believe with the last version on Win 98 ;-).

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