Game Development, Audio Tools and Engines, Business and Life in Japan

Game Development, Audio Tools and Engines, Business and Life in Japan

Feature-Packed Audio Dialog Tool 25% Off

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Until the end of April, Alto Studio 3.2 – which now includes VoiceFX - is at US$290 only (instead of US$390)! Here are some of the features you can get for less than the price of some metering plug-ins… Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get the ultimate game audio dialog tool!

  • Import dialog files from a Wwise, FMOD, ADX2 or Fabric project.
  • Import dialog files referenced by an Excel sheet or directly from a folder with a prefix / suffix / or sub-folder per language.
  • Import scripts and character names from a Final Draft project or from Excel sheets.
  • Check for missing or extra files.
  • Analyze the audio characteristics of the files (format, sample rate, bit depth, number of channels, duration, loudness, leading and trailing silence, average pitch).
  • Verify that the audio files match user-defined characteristics.
  • Compare the audio characteristics of the reference files with localized files in one or several languages.
  • Correct the errors (perfectly or within valid error range)
  • Generate beeps or silent files for missing files.
  • Generate full reports in Excel, PDF, HTML, or XML format for your clients or teammates.
  • Export dialog audio files and automatically create events and containers in your Wwise / ADX2 / FMOD project.
  • Combine the 19 racks (vocoder, convolver, equalizer, ring modulator etc.) of the VoiceFX tool to create monster, robot, alien voices and more!

  • Use the loudness equalizer tool to match the loudness (LUFS) of a reference file or a user-defined value.
  • Use the placeholder speech synthesizer to automatically create temporary files in various languages with a different voice for each character.
  • Use the best audio file renamer on the market (can even rename files based on their audio characteristics).
  • Use the interactive dialogue tester to ensure that voice lines concatenate seamlessly.
  • Generate lip-sync animation files in conjunction with FaceFX.
  • Batch-process audio files by interfacing with Tsugi’s AudioBot.
  • Generate run-time IDs for each dialog line.
  • Use the plug-in system to extend functionality or interface with your proprietary technology.
  • Call the command line version from your build pipeline to automate audio validation tasks.

Yes, that’s right, you can do all that – and a lot more – for only $290, so make sure you seize this opportunity today as this is a time limited offer!

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